Kozanoğlu Kozmaksan took its places with
the Power Take Off(PTO) Hydraulic Pump and Transfer Cases manufactured for concrete mixers. It has greeted its visitors with its heavy and light condition products.
Kozanoğlu Kozmaksan Ltd. Comp. owner Ertug Kozanoğlu has indicated that the fair has been pretty good this year: "As Ankara is the capital, headquarters of the leading construction companies are located here. That's why this fair has particular
importance. In addition, the number of foreign visitors is pretty high.

We've had customers that came from Israel, Algeria, England and Korea. On that account, if the fair could've been organized at a larger area, more companies could attend." "Our Goal Is To Enter Far Eastern and South American Markets" Kozanoğlu has mentioned their 2016 plans: "This year, our goal is to enter even more into the Far Eastern and South American markets abroad.

We've already entered the Far Eastern market with our Transfer Cases and PTOs for fire trucks. But our Transfer Cases for concrete pumps have o lot of potential. We will aim to take advantage o f this potential. Concrete pump application for light commercial vehicles is almost non-existent in Turkey. As they are a bit more popular in Far East, we've arranged our plans accordingly. Of course, withdrawal from Turkey is out of question but we don't see the situation of the domestic market bright for 2016. Keeping the current situation is sufficient for us." Kozanoğlu has indicated that they've been increasing their turnover for the last two years: "Our goal is to keep the current situation in 2016. For the first time, we've continued with the goals o f the previous year without putting up new goals.