The Hydrostatic Split Shaft Unit for Sweeper is on road

The Hydrostatic Split Shaft Unit is specially developed and manufactured for Koluman sweeper truck. Copyrights of the product are reserved by Koluman As. .
This split shaft gets the power needed from main shaft to operate the equipments. In UARA 2500 split shaft, 75W90 full synthetic gearbox oil is used. Engage/Disengage is done via air bottle with pneumaticaly. It is needed to stop the shaft while pump and hydromotor engage/disengage the outputs. After engageing, ride control is done via pump and hydromotor. While we increase the rate of split shaft’s input as 1/1.3 (1/1.75) on the other hand we decrease the rate of differential gear’s output as 4.5/1. This split shaft guarentees these values below, provided that it is used in convenient conditions and in consisting the safety rules.

2.Technical Datas
2.1 Main input-output
Direction of rotation The same with engine
Maximum perpetual relation 2000 Kgm / 19600 Nm
Maximum instant relation “2500 Kgm / 24500 Nm
Maximum number of rotation 2700 – 3500 rpm

2.2 Hydrolic outputs
Direction of rotation Reverse direction of engine
Availability Rates Input: 1 /1.3-1/1.75 Output:1/4,5
Output torque 146 Kgm / 1432 Nm
Output power 150 KW