After 48 years achievement background, Kozanoglu Kozmaksan Ltd. Şti. (Kozanoglu Kozmaksan Limited Company) was established for the purpose of rendering service to the hydraulic and automotive market in Ankara 1972.

The period of becoming a state of construction sites that has ever commenced for the first time in Turkey was accompanied by the truck – related sector and also the demand for the tipper - dump trucks in Turkey. In order to evaluate this potential, our company has begun manufacturing the dump pump for the construction trucks employed at these building sites. Not long after this, in addition to dumper pumps, it has conferred acceleration to the production of “P.T.O”, so called; Power Take-Off this time in Ostim Industry Zone starting from the year 1980.

As from the year 2006, our company that has been maintaining its range of production at its new factory enjoying totally 5000 m² at ASO 1. Organize Sanayi Bolgesi (ASO/Ankara Industry Chamber – 1st Organized Industrial Zone) has been its production of the auxiliary transmissions PTO, Split Shaft PTO, Sandwich PTO, 4x4 Transfercase , Reductor, Pump Drives and associated auxiliary hydraulic and pneumatic equipment for all types of on vehicle equipment and mobile hydraulic truck mount applications.

Our products have been prevalently used by a wide range of vehicles such as the dump - tipper and tipper trailer trucks, hydraulic refuse packers, cesspit emptiers, snowploughs, road sweepers, fuel tankers, the asphalt spreaders, salt sprinklers, mobile hydraulic vehicle cranes, tow trucks, hook loaders, skip loaders, auto car carriers, fire trucks and the combination sewer cleaning vehicles.. Split Shaft Power Take-Offs used in several cleaning combination machines, cement pumpers, septic machines, vacuum machines and firefighting vehicles. Double output Split Shaft PTO assemblies for vehicles with no transmission openings or insufficient capacity for the application. Starting from the beginning of year 2007, company began PTO production also for the Concrete Pumps and Concrete Mixer trucks, and has got the certificates ISO 9001:2008 accord with criterions of Turkish Standards Institute; ISO 14001:2004 accord with criterions of environmental management standards and CE certificate Accord with European Union new approach directives.

Our company exports its products to 92 different countries on 6 continent and provides aftersale service in Germany, in Algeria, in Australia, in Canada, in Egypt, in England, in India, in Indonesia, in Peru, in Philippines, in Poland, in South Korea, in Thailand, in UAE, in USA  with 15 international distributors.

Our Vision

To be a leader World Brand ‘’Power Take Off’’ company by combining our own methods with innovation technology.

Our Mission

The key mission of Kozmaksan; providing solutions to customer expectations for Fire Rescue, Municipal, Agricultural, Construction, Railway, Military in the markets and leading the development of industry.


In our 48th year, we achieved success with our friends. Friends; our customers and the firms in our industry. From our first step to win together with our friends for many years. We are sure that we will achieve more successful goals together as we have reached this point together.. We wish to cooperate, work and thank our friends for their friendship.