Clutch PTO-KRD.36

Clutch PTO-KRD.36

Clutch PTO with 800 KGM Torque capacity. This Clutch PTO has a unique design and it is designed to engage/disengage the cardan shaft which transmits power to the equipment from engine. All ISO standards flanges can be used on the Clutch PTO. As all kind of commercial trucks, it can be used for any application which transmits power by shafts.
  • Aluminum Body
  • Mounting Type: Split Shaft
  • Weight: 42 kg / 92 lb
  • Sense of Rotation: Same as Input
  • 1+1 Years Warranty (+1 Year Extended If Control Panel Bought with Unit)
  • 10 Years Spare Part Back Up


  • Concrete Mixer Truck
  • Sewer Cleaning Combination Vehicle
  • Vacuum Truck
  • Fire Fighting Truck
  • Water Jetting Truck
  • Sweeping Truck
Max. Torque 800 KGM / 5786 LB-FT
Required Oil 1
Available Internal Ratios 1/1

Catalogue of KRD.36

Engagement/Disengagement Manual

KRD.36 Owner's Manual

Control Panel Manual


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