Sandwich PTO

Sandwich PTOs

Kozmaksan patented design Sandwich Power Take Off  Units are mounted between the main transmission and flywheel cover. Patented Sandwich PTOs provide innovative advantages such as being completely compatible with the original powertrain shaft while not cutting or modification on the powertrain shaft. One of the many advantages is long product life due to less vibration and movement damage during drive mode and not affecting aerodynamics of the truck and directly powered by the engine with 80% torque capacity of the engine.  Since they work with the transmission they need to be custom manufactured specially for specific transmissions. Patented Sandwich PTOs are mostly used on Firefighting Trucks, Cleaning Combination Truck and more...

Available transmissions for our sandwich PTOs are: MZW 6P / MLD 6A / MAL 6S / MYY 5T / MOY 9F FOR ISUZU -  ZF 9S1115 / ZF 9S1315 FOR ZF - M8 S2 / MO 35 FOR MITSUBISHI.


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