Fire and Rescue

When the alarm rings, Fire Fighting Trucks must be ready to respond. In this line of work performance and efficiency make all the difference. 

Kozmaksan has shown remarkable interest in this sector. Specializing not only in gear systems but also in a large number of systems Kozmaksan team has developed, the company feels proud to be a solution partner for its customers operating in Fire Fighting Vehicles sector. Kozmaksan manufactures: 

2000-3000 series Split Shaft Units for Heavy Duty Fire Fighting Trucks
800 series Split Shaft Units for Medium Duty Fire Fighting Trucks
400 series Split Shaft Units for Light Duty Fire Fighting Trucks and for Fire Jeeps
Sandwich PTOs for all Fire Fighting Trucks
Heavy Duty Transmission PTOs for ZF and Mercedes G series Transmissions
Clutch PTOs for Forest Fire Fighting Trucks
Transfercases with PTO output for 4WD Light Duty Fire Fighting Trucks
 RPM Increaser/Decreaser for increasing-decreasing speed
Worm Gear Systems for Aerial Ladder Fire Fighting Trucks
 Water Pump Control PanelWater pumps, Roller Shutters, Monitors, Hose Reels
 Whatever else you demand we are here to supply.

  Let us power your Fire Fighting Truck with Kozmaksan Products.

Products For Fire and Rescue