Kozmaksan released new products in order to respond to customer needs. 

Flywheel  PTO

The Flywheel PTO positioned between the engine and main transmission provides power transmission for the superstructure independent of the speed of the auxiliary equipment

• It has top output with a lamellar clutch (automatic clutch). The top output is driven by hydraulic fluids.

• The top output ratio is 1/1. (Options with 1/1.25 - 1/1.7 ratio will also be provided when MOQ is met.)

• The top output comes with a flange.

• It weighs approximately 250 kgs.

• It has pump & drive mode.

• The PTO comes with a built-in lubrication pump system.

• Hydraulic valve is needed for the engagement & lubrication system.

*Because the flywheel PTO is driven by engine flywheel, it takes all the torque from deisel engine without any loss. 


This is a two-axis split shaft PTO designed to provide an extra output for light-duty vehicles.

• It has a pneumatic and mechanical control system.

• The side output ratio is 1/1.23 (RPM Increaser)

• The side outputs have 4 bolt ISO flange. If needed this can be replaced with coupling or 3 bolt UNI flange via an adapter.

• Side output provides 382 NM

• It has a compact structure and weighs approximately 18 kg.

• Both side outputs engage/disengage simultaneously.

• The PTO does not have pump & roll mode.


This is a 3-axis split shaft PTO designed to provide extra outputs for extra heavy-duty vehicles.

• It has pneumatic control.

• The top output ratio is 1/1.7. (RPM Increaser)

• The top output comes with a coupling.

• The top output provides 360 kW output value.

• Weighs approximately 270 kgs.

• It has a total of 3 outputs; 2 on top axis and one on the middle axis. All outputs engage/disengage simultaneously. 

• It has pump & roll mode.

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