Split Shaft PTO-UARA.210.2

Split Shaft PTO-UARA.210.2

210 KGM horizontal Light Duty SSU which is designed for trucks which do not have PTO housing. UARA.210.2 can provide 100% of input speed at normal drive mode. UARA.210.2 has double PTO outputs. PTO outputs can be designed with all ISO standard flanges as well as suitable housing for any kind of hydraulic pump. Cooling system can be mounted on the gearbox.

  • Control Type: Pneumatic & Mechanic
  • Mounting Type: Split Shaft
  • Sense of Rotation: Same as Input 
  • Weight: 36 KG / 79 LBS
  • 1+1 Year Warranty (+1 Year Extended If Control Panel Bought with Unit)
  • 10 Years Spare Part Back Up


  • Engage/Disengage Sensor
  • Cooling System
  • RPM Counter


  • Sewer Cleaning Combination Vehicle
  • Water Jetting Truck
  • Vacuum Truck
  • Water Truck
  • Mixer Truck
Max Torque 210 kgm / 1518 lb-ft
Available Internal Ratios 1/1 - 1/1.42
Required Oil 0,3 lt / 0,31 qt / 10 oz

Catalogue UARA.210.2

User Manual


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