Worm Gear Mechanism-KRD.08

Worm Gear Mechanism-KRD.08

Worm gear mechanism. It can be used in all working vehicles, and in any sector and area where the movement transmitted by the industrial shaft is transmitted. Spare parts for a product covered by Kozmaksan's 2-year warranty can be supplied by Kozmaksan for 10 years.

  • Weight: 27 kg / 59,5 lb
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • 10 Years Spare Part Back Up


  • Fire Fighting Truck
  • Cleaning Combination Vehicle
Max. Torque 48 kgm / 347 lb-ft
Max. Power 50 kW / 67 HP
Available Internal Ratios 28/1
Required Oil 1,25 lt / 1,30 qt / 42 oz

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