Yeni Ürünler IFAT Fuarında

Yeni Ürünler IFAT Fuarında
Yeni Ürünler IFAT Fuarında

Kozmaksan Vacumlu ve Elektrikli PTO Ürünlerini Fuarda Sergiledi.

With 45 years of long-established past, Kozanoğlu Kozmaksan is the leader of its sector in Turkey. We’ve visited the company at IFAT Eurasia 2017 Trade Fair For Environmental Technologies. Kozanoğlu Kozmaksan Ltd. Comp.’s owner Erdinç Kozanoğlu has indicated that as Kozmaksan, they’ve made a breakthrough in exports and shared some clues about their top-secret projects, with MY TRUCK Magazine

Kozmaksan manufactures power take offs (PTO), transfer cases (Split - Shaft PTO), engine PTOs, hydraulic gear pumps, piston pumps, control valves and their auxiliary hydraulic and pneumatic equipment for the vehicle mounted equipment and mobile hydraulic mounted equipment applications of all types of commercial vehicles.

We’re Hopeful About The Future

You’ve taken your place at the IFAT Fair with a beautiful stand. 2016 was a difficult year. 2017 hasn’t started with a lot of activity as well. How and why did you decide to attend such a fair?
We’ve been attending IFAT’s Germany leg since 2010. In 2015, IFAT has been organized in Ankara for the first time. This year, IFAT Eurasia Fair takes place in Istanbul and as Kozmaksan; we took our place as well. We believe that the following term would begreat for our country. Environment and recycling are essential in today’s world. With such sensitivity towards these issues, we took our place at the Trade Fair For Environmental Technologies. We’re hopeful about the future.

Which of your product groups do you   display at the fair?
We exhibit our own hydrostatic transfer cases for road sweepers. Again, we also have our transfer cases for canalization and sewage vehicles on display.

Your product groups are mostly aimed at municipal vehicles and vehicle-mounted equipment. What are your future expectations about your products?
Our customers are mainly vehicle mounted equipment manufacturers. These customers bid on the tenders initiated by the Union of Municipalities of Turkey, DMO and Public Institutions. After securing the tenders, we supply these companies with products. Our relations with the municipalities and other institutions mostly start after sales.

How did you conclude 2016? Has there been any growth for your company; have you found your expectations?
2016 has been very challenging compared to 2015. There has been a decline in the market. We hope that 2017 would be much better; but unexpected developments can happen. We have always been a company that liked to invest, that aimed to grow and that knew how to achieve new formations.

Europe Is Next

You are an Ankara-based company but you’ve also created a structure for Istanbul as well. Can you talk about your structure in Istanbul?
We have a lot of customers in the Marmara Region. In order to faster respond to these customers, we’ve inaugurated a showroom. We wanted to say that we’re also a part of the 3rd Airport and canal projects. Due to the flight times, there were difficulties with the arrival of incentives provided for engineers. At the same time, we also receive support for our fair atten- dances and market researches. When it comes to our testing machines, we’ve been cooperat- ing with TÜBİTAK for about 7 years. Eximbank offers very low interest credits. We utilize them. We are a company that likes to work with its own capital. We prefer Eximbank for our large machinery investments. In the following term, we will be much more aggressive in ex- ports. There are very large markets in exports. The world is a very big place; there is no need to be stuck in Turkey. There are a lot of companies in Europe that conduct the same business as ours. As we’ve also started a breakthrough in exports, we sometimes come across these competitors in different markets.

A New Top Secret Project

Turkey is argued to be weak in terms of the basic knowledge and technology in automo- tive and sub-industry. But there are import- ant, innovative companies like yours that can develop technology. In that sense, you continue your advancement as a strong brand in the sector. Do you have any different and innovative products that you’ve focused for the future?
Of course we have innovative products. Turkey’s high-speed train lines continue to increase. We’ve incorporated the transfer cases and engine PTOs for the transmission system of trains that will conduct service-repair-main- tenance on these lines, into our product range. We continue this project in secrecy. We’re sharing this project for the first time with MY TRUCK Magazine. In addition, we’re also a part of the defence industry. We have a project to manufacture the transfer gearboxes of 4x4, 6x6 and 8x8 vehicles. Currently, these two projects have partially been realized. Their trial phases still continue.

Extensive Product Range

There are foreign replacement products for your products. How do you expand your market in that area? How do you position your products against foreign products as a local manufacturer?
We’re a company that doesn’t always try to shine out with prices and competition but with a benefit of our product. We don’t cut our prices for the customers like under the counter companies.
We tell them about the value of our product. We have an extensive product range that mainly includes products like PTO, engine PTO, transfer case, speed booster, transfer gearbox, wagon gearbox. We are a boutique company. In that sense, we’re able to compete against all sorts of rival products with our product quality.

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