4x4 Transfercases-UARA.900

4x4 Transfercases-UARA.900

4x4 Transfer Case for Armored Military Vehicles.

This is a custom product designed for medium duty (8-12 tons) rubber tired 4x4 vehicles. It has 2 internal ratios (fast and slow) and idle gear feature. Differential system can be added unto the product. Allows the vehicle to drive 4x4 – 4x2. Extra powerful gears, shafts, rotary parts and sealing equipment with a special structure ready to work in any condition and at any time. A special housing with an alloy aluminum material ensures stability, while the weight is kept low as much as possible. It can be directly coupled with the output of Allison 1000-2000 series transmissions.


  • Military Vehicles
Max Torque 3800 kgm / 37265 Nm / 27485 lb-ft
Max PTO Output Power 350 kW / 470 HP
Available Internal Ratios 1/1.3 - 1/1.1

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