4x4 Transfercases-UARA.306

4x4 Transfercases-UARA.306

UARA.306 is the most featured Transfer Case among 300 Series with 4x4 drive feature, differential lock and  PTO output. When the differential lock is activated, front and rear differential are getting equal torque. When the differential lock is deactivated; torque is transmitted to the differentials as needed. It can provide 100% of input speed during 4x2 drive. This Transfer Case makes the truck double speed as high gear and low gear. UARA.306 is designed for shunting locomotive, rail line maintenance vehicle, Light Duty Fire Fighting Truck and any application which needs Four-Wheel Drive. This transfercase also has the ability to accelerate while driving at reverse gear. Thanks to this gearbox, if the operator activates the reverse of the transfer case, it can go back at the speed that it advances forward. In addition to all these, UARA.306 also has a PTO output  the run superstructure. The PTO output can be designed with flanges in all ISO standards or directly coupled to hydraulic pumps. The Transfer Case comes with lubrication system and preferably can be designed with cooling system. Cooling system can be heat exchanger or cooling fan. Engage/Disengage sensor can be installed on PTO output and main drive.

  • 4x4 drive
  • Rear Acceleration Feature
  • Aluminium Body
  • Mounting Type: Split shaft
  • Control Type: Pneumatic
  • Weight : 92 kg / 203 lb
  • Differential lock system
  • High and Low Gear
  • Self-Lubricating Lystem
  • PTO Output 
  • 1+1 Year Warranty (+1 Year Extended If Control Panel Bought with Unit)
  • 10 Years Spare Part Warranty


  • Cooling System


  • Off-Road Vehicles
  • Railway Line Maintenance Vehicles
  • Fire Fighting Truck
Max Torque 1700 Nm / 175 kgm / 1254 lb-ft
Max Power 178 kW / 239 HP
Ratio on Differantial Axle 1/0.85, 1/0.257
Ratio on PTO Output 1/1
Reverse Gear Ratio 1/0.54
Required Oil 2,5 lt / 2,6 qt / 80 oz

UARA 306 Owner's Instructions

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