Portable Fire Pump P1 Diesel

Portable Fire Pump P1 Diesel

Kozmaksan-Kube Pump has entered into a joint venture. Kozmaksan is the exclusive sales agent of Kube Pump of the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Singapore, S. Korea, Taiwan and all LATAM countries.

The pumps are the first patented non-priming motopump. It does not need any primer system and there is no mechanical seal. It can run without water. The suction hose restarts self-suction again in couple of seconds even if it comes out water.

  • The first non-priming motopump.
  • Self-suction.
  • Multipurpose (Operable in dirty water, flood water, oily water, sewage and seawater.
  • Two separable body parts. 
  • Unique protection against foreign matter coming into the hose. 
  • Suction at geographical 10 meters depth.
  • Dry working capability.
  • Corrosion-resistant build.
  • ISO 9001, TSE, CE and EN 14466 Portable Pumps Certificates.
Engine Features
Type 4 Cycle
Cooling System Air cooling
Bore x Stroke 90,00 x 75,00 (mm)
Piston Displacement 954 cc
Output 17 kW - 23,1 HP
Fuel Type Diesel
Fuel Tank Capacity 7 LT
Suction Features
Start Electric
Suction system Mechanical special patented suction system
Pump Features
Pump Type Single-end suction centrifugal pump
Suction Type & DIA Storz Type ( 4" (100 mm ) )
Discharge Type & DIA Storz Type 2-1/2" ( 65 mm )
Discharge Number / Valve Twin / Ball valve
Dimensions Value
Dry & Wet Weight 125 - 140 kg
Overall L x W x H 600 x 850 x 750



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