RPM Increaser/Decreaser-KRD.32

RPM Increaser/Decreaser-KRD.32

3-Stage 75 KGM universal RPM Increaser/Decreaser. KRD.32 can be mounted vertically or horizontally. Depending on the mounting style, it can increase or decrease the revolution.  All ISO standards flanges can be used on the RPM Increaser/Decreaser. It can be manufactured with cooling system. As all kind of commercial trucks, it can be used any application which transmits power by shafts.

  • Aluminum Body
  • Mounting Type: Split Shaft
  • Weight: 12 kg / 25 lb
  • Sense of Rotation: Opposite of Input 
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • 10 Years Spare Part Back Up


  • Sewer Cleaning Combination Vehicle
  • Vacuum Truck
  • Fire Fighting Truck
  • Water Jetting Truck
  • Sweeping Truck
Max. Torque 76 kgm / 750 Nm / 553 lb-ft
Max. Power 39 kW / 52 HP
Available Internal Ratios 1/1
Distance Between Input-Output 105 mm / 3.15 "
Max. RPM 2000

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