Split Shaft PTO - UARA.3001

Split Shaft PTO - UARA.3001

3800 KGM vertical SSU with specially designed durably for repeater loads. UARA.3001 can provide 100% of input speed at normal drive mode. PTO outputs can be design with all ISO standard flanges as well as suitable housing for any kind of hydraulic pump. Cooling system can be mount on the gearbox. Even though it is generally used for Concrete Pumping Vehicles, it can be used any application which needs high torque capacity.

  • Control Type: Pneumatic
  • Mounting Type: Split Shaft
  • Sense of Rotation: Same as Input 
  • Weight: 150 kg / 330 lb
  • 2 Years Guarantee
  • 10 Years Spare Part Back Up


  • RPM Counter
  • Engage/Disengage Sensor
  • Cooling System


  • Concrete Pumping Vehicles
Max Torque (Normal Drive) 3800 kgm / 37265 Nm / 27485 lb-ft
Max PTO Output Power 350 kW / 470 HP
Available Internal Ratios 1/1.46
Required Oil 10 lt / 10.5 qt / 336 oz


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