Split Shaft PTO - UARA.805

Split Shaft PTO - UARA.805


UARA.805 is the highest member of 800 Series. 800 KGM vertical  Split Shaft PTO is designed for medium duty trucks with 5-Stage to used over-chassis application.  Pump&Roll featured gearbox can be installed as horizontal also. It can provide 100% of input speed. Control system can be pneumatic or mechanic. PTO  shaft can be at differential side or cabin side. Second PTO output is an option.  In case of double PTO output is requested, Pto outputs can be shifted independently. PTO outputs can be design with all ISO standard flanges as well as suitable housing for any kind of hydraulic pump.Cooling system can be mount on the gearbox. Engage/Disengage sensor can be installed to observe, if PTO is engaged or not, also RPM counter is another option. In case of drum brake is located on the behind of the main transmission, UARA.805 can be designed with drum brake if requested

  • 5-Stage Vertical Split Shaft PTO
  • Pump&Roll Feature
  • Built on Lubrication System
  • Control Type: Pneumatic&Mechanic
  • Mounting Type: Split Shaft
  • Sense of Rotation: Same as Input
  • Weight: 175 kg / 386 lb
  • 1+1 Year Warranty (+1 Year Extended If Control Panel Bought with Unit)
  • 10 Years Spare Part Back Up


  • Second PTO output
  • RPM Counter
  • Engage/Disengage Sensor
  • Drum Brake
  • Cooling System


  • Fire Fighting Truck
  • Water Truck
Max Torque 800 kgm / 7845 Nm / 5786 lb-ft
Max PTO Output Power 135 kW / 180 HP
Available Internal Ratios 1/1 - 1/1.2 - 1/1.4 - 1/1.6 - 1/1.84 - 1/2.25
Required Oil 5 lt / 5,2 qt / 166 oz

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